F3 Chem功課urgent!!how to do it?


1.The accurate atmic masses for elements are usuaally NOT whole


2.A reddish brown solid element X conducts electricity well. Is X a metal or non-metal?Give reason.

3.Decide which is the odd one in each of the following groupings of element, and give reason

a) Iron, copper, mercury, silver

b)Magnesium, sulphur, lead, tin

c)Iodine, oxygen, nitrogen, argon

d)Phosphorus, bromine, helium, graphite

4.For each of the following pairs of elements, suggest one reaction in which both elements behave similatly.

a)magesium and calcium

b)chlorine and bromine

5.suggest one safety precaution for handling rubidium in the labotatory.



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  • 9 年前

    have you really study? it is so easy.

    just do it by yourself. you are a F3 student, however, you have just got a P1's brain.

    btw the answer is sooooo obvious

    ifh mark

    1)becasue the atomic mass is just relative to C-12

    2)Because only copper is reddish brown solid in room temperature and pressure, so it is solid.

    However this question you should know, please study more in order to get an average mark in your exam.

    3)a) mercury. Since it is a solid

    b)sulphur. it is non-metal.

    c)iodine. it is coloured.

    d)graphite. it is solid


    a) + NaOH

    (detail check by yourself from the textbook since it is your homework)

    b) + alkene/ +HCl

    (detail check by yourself from the textbook since it is your homework)

    5) rubidium is explosive especially under sunlight( then please figure out yourself)

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  • 9 年前

    I am just not sure and please note your attitude.Do you think your words are polite? Even I have a p1's brain, at least I try my best to answer the questions and asked.I think it's very good attitude towards learing. But anyway, thank you for answering my P1 question:) I dont have textbook