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除左用cry黎形容喊 仲有無其它?





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  • 8 年前

    Plz 10

    (1)I just couldn't stop tear-soddening my eyes.

    (2)I was tear-sodden for my dead mother.

    (3)It's all right,dont be sad with 2 tear-sodden eyeballs.

    (4)Produce tears from your sodden eyes because you are unhappy,hurt or sad.

    (5)He felt like a little tearing down from eyes with sodden sadness.

    (6)Its no use crying over a devorced B.F.

    (7)I found her tear-sodden eye-chambers wet with tears.

    (8)She cried in eye-sodden manner when she lost her parents.She had a pair of tear-sodden eye-chambers.

    (9)She prayed to the Churchyard and had 2 tear-sodden eye-balls to her dead parents.

    (10)That night she had a pair of tear-sodden eyeballs in the tragedy..........

    2011-12-08 16:42:00 補充:

    sob=to cry noisily.She started to sob uncontrollably.

    weep=literary cry.She started to weep over her mother's death.

    lament=sadness.She laments the destruction of the Saikung countryside!

    shed tears=She shed tears of happiness in the joy of her marriage!yet funeral music are filled with tears.

    資料來源: me
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  • 8 年前

    Crying, sobbing嗚咽, weeping哭泣, 流淚 , bawling哽咽, and blubbering啜泣

    2011-12-08 15:58:30 補充:


    burst into tears 突然哭起來

    shed tears 流淚

    2011-12-08 16:11:59 補充:

    lament 痛哭

    howl 號啕大哭

    squall 啼哭

    waul 痛哭, 尖叫

    mewl 低泣

    pule 低聲啜泣

    whine 哀嗚聲

    scream 放聲大哭, 尖叫

    moan 呻吟嗚咽聲

    keening 慟哭

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  • 8 年前


    shed tears


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