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請幫幫忙答了以下的appraisal 問題。

My position is Dept Admin and Secretary.

1. What are your main job responsibilities 2. Please list your most significant accomplishments during this appraisal period. 3. Have you successfully performed any new tasks or additional duties outside the scope of your regular responsibilities? If so, please specify. 4. Have any new responsibilities been removed from your job this year? If so, what? 5. What would help you to do your job better and provide greater job satisfaction? 6. To which of the following factors would you attribute your professional development since last year: off-site seminars/classes, on-site training, peer training, on-the-job experience, better exposure to challenging projects, other. Please describe. 7. What are your goals for next year and what action will you take to accomplish these goals? 8. What could your supervisor/manager do to support you in doing your job? 9. What additional support from your organization would help you do your job more effectively? 10.What recommendations do you have that would make this a better place to work? 11. Indicate your career interests, including the type of assignment you would like next.

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  • 9 年前

    I have many experience in filling in the appraisal.

    For your case, even if you are an one man band, you can still think of some improvement in your job area.

    Please think of anything you can do better than now so that you can think of how to improve in next year;

    if there's any complaint for your area, think how to correct it in next year;

    think of anything that can help to save cost;

    think of any area that can generate efficiency or can generate more income for the company.

    Set good goals for yourself and try to achieve it in the next year so that it helps you to deliver good performance. Just try your best for it.

    Before conducting individual employee rating, an alignment meeting for all supervisors who are required to conduct fair ratings

    The rate of from A to F level of performance should be described clear in statement as indication; you may refer some HR guide books for those precise statements.

    All departments have to use same standard question to avoid departmental bias

    Open questions of qualitative type for answer behavior, preference, or attitudes may result to hundreds different responses in return that are not easily to be analyzed. The answers if possible have to be narrowed down into 6 levels as extremely, very, some, less, much less, extremely less.. and etc.

    A good report to management should include the past and recent performance that can reflect the rate of improvement and make goal setting in coming year. The report should also include the Key Performance Indicators of each line department and staff department, which may have different ingredients such as sale, profit, cost, productivity, energy saving, number of errors & mistakes, number of training conducted, employee turnover, absenteeism & sickness & lateness, new product creation and its adoption, and new customer and market development and the like.

    Conclusions and recommendations should be included in your report at the end