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超急!中文翻譯成英文 (20點)

致各客户, 因2012年我司的價格將會有所調整,為免因錯誤報價而引起不必要的爭拗,從今年十二月一日起,敬希貴司先致電我司確認價格。


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  • 9 年前

    1) To all customers,

    By 2012, our prices will be adjusted, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes because of error quote, from December 1 this year, jingxigui Secretary should contact us to confirm prices.

    This measure will be implemented until 2012 our determined prices so far, after when the price of a new application, the old prices will automatically become null and void.

    2) Sends various customers,

    Because in 2012 I take charge of the price will have the adjustment, because to exempt quotes price wrongly causes the nonessential struggle, from December month first, requests respectfully the expensive department to send a telegram to me to take charge of first confirms the price.

    This measure will implement until me takes charge of arranges 2012 up to the price, when after new price application, the old price will expire automatically.

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  • Nelson
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    9 年前

    Division I for 2012, the price will be adjusted in order to avoid errors due to price and lead to unnecessary disputes from December 1, King I hope your company Call the Secretary to confirm the price.

    This measure will be implemented until 2012, our company set the price so far, when the new price after the application of the old price will automatically lapse.