Chemistry-Redox reaction ~15點~

我不明白Chemistry 的 Redox reaction ( 氧化還原反應) 反应式 。



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p.s.s. 我五系太明白D Equation 點做同點解。


小云: 例如,

2I- - 2e- = I2


CL2 + 2e- = 2CL-


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  • 9 年前

    redox reaction involve two reactions.One is oxidation ,and the other one is reduction.They must occur together.

    There is three defination of Oxidation.

    1.addition of oxygen to a substance.

    2.a substance to lose electrons

    3.increase in oxidation number.

    Three three defination of Reduction

    1.removal of oxygen from a substance

    2.a substance to gain electrons

    3.decrease in oxidation number.

    If a substance carry out oxidation ,it is reducing agent.

    If a substance carry out reduction, it is oxidizing agent.

    According to your question,first you should know the basic formal of some oxidizing and reducing agent,such as MnO4.You can find it in your test book and you should remember all these equation(you do not need to remember the balanced equation,you just need to remember the basic one.)


    1(first write downthe basic formal ):Cl2→ Cl-

    2.then you need yo balance the number of atom:

    From the left ,we know that,there is two chlorine atom.Therefore, we should add 2 before the Cl-

    Cl2→ 2Cl-

    3.balance the oxygen number,

    In this case,oxygen is not involve in this question.Therefore, we do not need to balance it.

    4.balance the H number.

    In this case,hydrogen is not involve in this question.Therefore, we do not need to balance it.

    5.balance the charge

    From the left,the charge is zero.On the right,the charge is -2.

    Therefore, we should add 2 electrons on the left to balance it.

    Cl2+2e- →  2CL-

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  • 9 年前

    Redox raction的反應一定要有oxidation agent & reduction agent ,才能叫

    Redox raction

    oxidizing agent 例如:potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7)

    potassium permangenate (KMnO4)

    Reducing agent 例如:lodide ions (I-) Iron(II) ions (Fe2+)


    2I- - 2e- = I2 應該係 2I-(aq) -> i2(aq) + 2e-

    苜先我地知道 Iodide ions 係 reducing agent,

    如果iodine solution react with potassium dichromate

    Cr2O7 2- + 6I- + 14H+ -> 2Cr3+ + 7H2O + 3I2

  • 9 年前

    請給例子吧 會比較好解釋