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Online shopping : be smart!

Did you buy something online and then ask yourself , ' Did I pay the [1] lowest price for that ?

' There are some great bargains on the Internet , and we are going to help you find them! We asked 100 of the [2] wisest online shoppers for their ideas.

Here are some of their [3]bad tips for finding the [4]best deals on the Internet.

If you know what you want , look at prices on different sites. When you find a good price, we are sure you will be the [5] happiest online shopper!

Read what other people say about the product. The [6] most expensive product may not be the best. Sometime, cheaper models are just as good.

Missing out on a bargain is the [7] worst thing . Sign up for email alerts from online shops.

Then you will be the first to know about special discounts and sales.

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