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1.工作性質 : 調配人手、處理突發事件及為傷者作適當的急救處理<==(見工用)

2.我會通知「陳大明」及「莫小蓮」有關的調site安排事宜。(回覆用,p.s 調site是指公司將某隊員由A大廈調配到B大廈工作)




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  • YIP
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    9 年前

    1.Nature of work: allocation of personnel, management of an emergency and arrangement for first aid to somebody injured;

    2.I'll inform Lee Sai-Ming and Mok Siu-Ling to settle down the allocation and transference of both of them.

    3.Attached please find the record of questioning Lee Sai-Ming regarding his twelve minutes late in attendance to work.

    4.As requested by the customer, there will be one female security required to accompany the outcontractor to inspect the works in the closet, please arrange and send that security on the date as designed below as being requested.

    2011-11-05 10:05:39 補充:

    Amendment: 4. outcontractor should read contractor;designed should read designated.

  • Nelson
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    9 年前

    1 Nature of work: deployment of staff to deal with emergencies and first aid for the wounded to make appropriate treatment <== (see work with)

    2 I will notice "Daming" and "Mo Xiao Lian," the transfer site arrangements. (Reply with, ps transfer site is the company will deploy a team building from A to B building work)

    3 Li Shiming on November 2, 2011 was late 12 minutes, accompanied by the statements recorded for your reference. (Report available)

    4 Because of security assistance customers need a female toilet contractors to carry out inspection work, please mention the date you sent the following to the Department to a security guard. (Report available)

  • 9 年前

    i will help you man, no worries

    but what i can do is just try to translate directly, i dont know the technical terms.

    1. the nature of work: allocating securities, staffs to deal with emergency and to have a proper first aid.

    2. i will let mr. chan and miss mok know about _______.

    * 唔知咩叫調site wor, 大佬,,

    我諗幾個, 你自己揀!!!

    a.配置員工工作安排= the allocation of staffs

    b.轉換工作崗位安排= the shifting of job

    3.Shie Ming Lee is late for 12 minutes in 2nd November 2011. This comes along with the oral record for reference.

    *讀 in 2nd of November 2011

    *一般口頭英文只讀shie ming or mr. lee, 但書面就全名shie ming lee!

    4. A female security is needed to check the toilet with agency as customer required.

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