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hi 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 10 年前

SCMP 的報章的一篇新聞(急) 10點!!

20/8/2011 "Flag-burning accused says jail meals best he's had"的完整版

PLZ, 我弄不見了.....

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  • Rachel
    Lv 6
    10 年前

    Flag- burning accused says jail meals best he’s had1. A man awaiting trial for setting fire to the national flag told a court yesterday he was happy in jail because the food was better than his usual fare. 2. Zhu Rongchang, 74, raised the issue with Magistrate Gary Lam Karyan after the latter asked the prosecution to consider changing the charge against the Jiangxi farmer. Lam told prosecutors to be quick about it, because it would not be fair to leave Zhu in jail too long. 3. “ Although Zhu said he did not mind being kept in custody for longer because he had never had food that was as tasty before, it is unfair to remand him in custody for too long,” Lam said. 4. Zhu then raised concerns about his meal arrangements, and the magistrate assured him that he would continue to receive food from the Correctional Services Department during his detention. 5. Lam suggested to the prosecution that it should consider changing the charge from desecration of the national flag to one of criminal damage after Zhu, making his third court appearance, continued to insist he was not guilty because the flag he set alight in Golden Bauhinia Square , Wan Chai, a month ago was not

    the national flag but the Communist Party one. 6. The magistrate said the prosecution might want to change its mind, given that Zhu had admitted he burned a flag but denied that it was the national flag. 7. Lam asked the prosecutors to seek legal advice. 8. Zhu has been in custody since July 22 when, prosecutors say, he lowered the flag and set light to it using a cigarette lighter. 9. Meanwhile, the prosecution said it would also consider the defence suggestion that the case be handled by putting Zhu on a good-behaviour bond. 10. Prosecutors said police would follow up on Zhu’s denial that the flag was a national one. 11. Zhu said earlier that he did not want to return to the mainland, even if he was sent to a Hong Kong prison.

    The case was adjourned until September 2.