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作文my faveouite character

我林唔到作邊個好 大家有無好介紹 幫我寫500字 THZ

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    He is not Harry Potter, Spider-Man, but not A Dream or Astro Boy, but will fly or, 72 transformations, Dingdingyouming Monkey - Monkey!

    I believe we are no strangers to the Monkey King. He is the protagonist of the book Journey to the West. Naughty by nature he is a little monkey born from a rock, we call him a small boulder. He has extraordinary talent and courage, not only repelled the home of the monster, but also when on the Monkey King. Has been too naughty Buddha under pressure in the Fingers, but also to follow the Tripitaka Buddhist sutras.So Tripitaka, Monkey King, a pedestrian has launched a exciting and adventurous journey ....

    In most people's minds, the Monkey King is just a arrogant and impulsive Pohou, always forced to read the Tripitaka will Anfen Kam curse a little hoop. But I do not think so, although I think Monkey hot temperament, but also be warmhearted, for people willing to Chuyao; although he megalomaniac Ao, but also really a bit two Now, the almighty, not only can do anything they want, more often ghosts and goblinsfight beaten and Baotoushucuan. Not only that, the book describes the Monkey King has even more vivid, lifelike. Not only monsters that he fled, even the gods had to fear that his third, so I worship the great; and his powerful, agile bodies, the head wit it became more of my idol since kindergarten.

    I like the Monkey King, like his extraordinary wit; like his enthusiastic kindness; like his alertness sensitive, heroic; more like his story makes me tense, exciting atmosphere. Although aware of the Monkey King is a fictional character, but he influenced me a lot in my childhood left a deep impression.

    "He" is my favorite book character - the Monkey King.

    呢個系講孫悟空 希望幫到你=] 比我最好plz

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