help me crossword puzzle

1 Brian is a ___. He deals with legal matters. (6 words)

2. Clare is a ___. She looks after patients. (5words)

3. Doris is a ____. She gives medical treatment to patients. (6 words)

4.Eddie is a ___. He is in charge of a ship (7words)

5. Foster is a ____. He sells toys in the street. (6words)

6.Gigi is a ___. She works in a restaurant. (8words)

7.Helen is a ___. She works in an office. (5words)

A. irence is a ____. She plays and comments on pop music(on the radio) (10words)

B. Jason is a _____. He is the head of a school. (9words)

C. Karen is a ____. She looks after her family and cleans the house. (9words)

D. laura is an ____. She acts on TV or in films. (7words)

E. Michael is a ______. HE is the head of a company. (7words)

F. Nancy is a ___. She sells goods in a department store. (9words)

G. Otto is an _____. He builds and maintains engines of machines.(8words)


B is 錯

6 is 錯

help me

更新 2:

6 is (6 word)

更新 3:


更新 4:

sorry!! not is 6錯

5. Foster is a ____. He sells toys in the street. (6words)

5. 錯

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  • 10 年前

    lawyernursedoctorcaptainI am sorry but I don't really know this...waitressclerkA.Disc Jockey





    F.saleswoman (I am not sure cause' it's 10 words...)

    Hope that I can help you :D

    2011-08-20 16:48:10 補充:

    I have already sent you email to correct my answer.

    Sorry for the mistake.

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  • 10 年前

    5. hawker 小販 (6 alphabets)

    F. saleslady 女售貨員 (9 alphabets)

    2011-08-17 01:39:09 補充:

    B: principal

    6: waitress 最適合, 否則 operator or head chef (兩個字)