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    Family Relationship--The interaction and connection among family members includes the relationships between husband and wife,parents and children,brother and sister,mother and daughter-in-law, sisters-in-laws,grandfather and grandson, aunt and brother's wife,uncle and nephew etc;that are belonged to rhe relationship of community. According to the basic standard of family relationship can be separated into three kinds of relationship between husband and wife,parents and children, as well as other family members.

    Ideas of Family Responsibilities--it reflect how people realize and expect their relations in respect of position in family, duty and other family members.

    It can decide to delegate the appropiate right to members concerned that will enable the stability and more important controlling the layout plan for dealing with members' living (i.e.arranging for birth, works and retirements etc.); and how to deal with when there are problems arising.

    Adultery's motion --It indicates that the presence of a third partner of either sexes to which having sex or without love and vice versa; as the result that will affect the emotional and stability's relationship between marriage of husband and wife as being defined as adultery's motion,

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