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Such was the power of

1. Oral Roberts that thousands formed long queues waiting .....

2. Nevertheless, many americans have serious doubts for

3. Oral Roberts' self-proclaimed 'God-given powers'. Many....

4. Oral Roberts' powers increased while a young woman who

had been in a coma following an automobile accident was

5. brought to him by her wealthy family. They paid a ...

6. However, there was no change in her condition. Oral Roberts

All his attempts to revive the woman

7. was to no avail and, as a result, more and more people

8. began to doubt Oral Roberts.


9. For instance, the government offers couples tax rebates and child-care

10. subsidies if they produced more than two children.

11. In recent years, statistics have shown that many people in

Singapore have remained unmarried and that the better-educated

12. people who have married have one or two children.

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