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TiTle: How do you use facebook and other communication tools wisely?

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  • 8 年 前

    Good morning/afternoon everyone, today I would like to talk about how to use facebook and other communication tools wisely. Before I start, let me ask all of you a question. Do you any of you have emails, facebook accounts? Well, nowadays, majority of people use these communication tools, chatting, group disccusions, photo sharing are really common among them. But because of this, we always neglect the danger of using these tools.

    Firstly, we always upload our or others' photos. This seems really normal when you want to share your daily lives with others. But this actually could be quite dangerous because someone might use your photos as theirs and try to fake you which nowadays we call 'identity theft'.

    Secondly, we should never put our personal information, such as home address, mobile phone number online. People might disturb you, especially when they get to know your phone number. Of course, if your real friends ask for your personal information, you'd rather use emails but not typing it that everyone could see it.

    Thirdly, when someone send you a request to add him or her as a friend, never take it a yes when you don't even know that person. You couldn't even be sure that the person is a he or a she. And of course, we don't add friends concerning looks. You could imagine a middle aged man using a photo of a handsome teenager, adding girls all over the place.

    I'm not scaring you about how dangerous these tools are because they are all facts. And I'm not telling you not to put any of your photos or even stop using these tools. Simply not to open all your stuff to the public but only among friends is already a big step to safety. You know, you'll never know whether the people are serious or just a joke.

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  • 8 年 前

    Nowadays, there are many communication tools in the world, such as Facebook, MSN. But how should we use them wisely ?

    First, we should not put all of our pirvate information to the website. This is because if we put all the things to the web, everyone will know our pirvacy information. Someone will also steal our information to do illegal things.

    At last, we shouldn't always surf in those communication tools. This is because there many things we should do, not only surfing the internet. We should also cncentrated on our studies, jobs, family and friends. if we don't concentrate on our studies, we will know nothing about our studies. Then, we cannot do our dream job and earn more money when we grow up.

    Those are the things that can use facebook and other communication tools wisely.