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Book Report

1.Title of book read :



4.No. of page:

5.Time to finish reading the book:

6.Which episode is the most important? Why ? Draw a picture to tell the episode.

7.Useful expressions :

8.ERS Card/Summary.Decorate your summary if you like. (about 150 words)

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  • 9 年前

    Book: Skeleton Key

    Author: Anthony Horowitz

    About this book:

    Alex Rider is a reluctant teenage spy. He had found out his uncle was a spy before him, and now Alex is hired by MI6. This time, he was requested by CIA to work for them. He was to act like a child of two CIA agents, and enter an island called Skeleton Key with them. The agents had told him they knew a man called Sarov who bought uranium from a Salesman. They were wondering what he was doing with the uranium, so they were investigating this case. Later, Alex found out the CIA agents weren’t telling him the truth. Actually, they found out Sarov had a nuclear bomb and they wanted to find out what he was doing with it. Unlucky, while trying to enter Sarov’s home, the two agents got killed by some machines. Alex himself was caught by Sarov. Surprisingly, Sarov treated him like a guest. He told him stories of his own child which had fought for his country in the army and died. He also told Alex he didn’t like new Russia; he liked the country which had served him well once - old Russia. He wanted to blow up a hole in the Kola Peninsula and show the world the power of Russia. He said he wanted to adopt Alex. At first, Alex thought he was insane, but he saw that he was serious. He tried all kinds of ways to escape and warn his own country. Luckily, MI6 found traces of him and went to help him. At last, Sarov couldn’t bear the pain of not being a father to Alex, and committed suicide. Alex was then safely escorted back to England.


    This book is absolutely fascinating, and almost every page contains exciting actions. It is a very interesting book which would at once absorb the reader into it.

    My favourite character in this book is Alex. He is brave and courageous, daring to risk any chance for escape.

    I would recommend this book to people who like excitement and adventures.

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    9 年前