(J.)You are preparing a one-minute presentation and the topic is'Pets are man's best friends.'Youbrainstormed the topic and drew a diagram,but now you find that some words are missing.You should fill in the blanks with the correct words.(the first letters are given.)

what's a best friend for?

helps you when you are in (1)n_____.(need?!)gives you comfort when you are (2) faithful at all (3)t_____.

Why are dogs our best friends?They are loving,(5)l_____ and intelligent.They give many pleasures and much (6)h____to their owners.Theyare good listeners who(7)s____ one's worries.P.59

(H.)Imagine you were a police officer looking into a robbery. You interviewwd a wintness and wrote the police notice below.Later,you found that some words in your questions were missing.Read the police notice and complete the questions.


①A man robbed a suppermarket yesterday on shatin at7pm.②He is in his early thirties and 1.9 metres tall.③He has a scar on hos face.④He wore a yellow jacket and blue jeans.⑤He has long hair.⑥A customer was hurt and sent to Prince ofWales Hospital for treatment.Please report to the hotline if you have any infor mation.



2._______________________the supermarket?(sentence①)

3.How_________________________the robber?(sentence②)


5.__________characteristics of______________can you tell?(sentence③)

6.__________________he_________________at that time?(sentence④)

7.Does he______________or_______________hair?(sentence⑤)

8.________________was_______________in the robbery?(sentence⑥)

9.Which__________was the_________person________to?(sentence⑥)




•gives you comfort when you are (2)s_____.

•They give many pleasures and much (6)h____to their owners.

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    helps you when you are in (1) need.

    They are good listeners who(7) share one's worries.

    I only know this two...

    Part B

    1. When did a supermarket happen?

    2. What did a man do in the supermarket?

    3. How tall was the robber?

    4. How old is he?

    5. What characteristics of the robber can you tell?

    6. How did he look like at that time?

    7. Does he long or short hair?

    8. Who was hurt in the robbery?

    9. Which hospital was the hurt person sent to?

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    gives you comfort when you are (2)sad

    They give many pleasures and much (6)happy to their owners.

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