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My favourite food


1.What kind of food do you like?

2.Why do you like it?

3.Is it because its smell,taste,colour or shape?

4.How often do you eat it?

5.Who buy the food for you?

6.How much money do you spend on food?

7.Is it healthy or no to eat it?

Write short essay in about 100 words

My favourite is fruit salad...

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1 個解答

  • 9 年前

    My favourite is fruit salad because I like eating all kinds of fruits. In a fruit salad, there are so many different fruits.So it is very colourful aromatic and tasteful compound. By the way, fruit salads are good at our health. So, at least, I shall have it once for a week.Every time, all the fruits and salad cream are bought by my mother but the fruit salad is made by me.Therefore we do not spend much money.

    2011-08-13 16:47:49 補充:


    So it is very colourful aromatic and tasteful compound. ----不十分正確


    So it is a very colourful, aromatic and tasteful mixture. ----正 確

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