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1. glimmeringly ----解做少許

2. transmitter ----解做發射機

3. consternation ----解做強震/震驚

4. calibrated ----解做校準


甚麼時候用how about? 甚麼時候用what about?





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    我唔講乜嘢 relative pronouns 咁學術性嘅嘢, 只會從簡着手, 希望你易d明白.1. glimmeringly (adv) 唔係解做少許, 係解做 “好輕, 好柔弱”, 通常用嚟形容光線.Eg. The streetlight was reflected glimmeringly from the wet street. 柔弱的街燈光線被濕漉漉的街道反射.2. transmitter (n) - 解做發射機, 通常係發射電波Eg. The installation oftransmitters in Cheung Chau vastly improved the HDTV signal reception of local residents. 長洲新設的發射站大大改善了居民接收高清電視的訊號3. consternation (n) - 解做令人產生混亂的震撼感覺, 通常係指心態Eg.Much to her parents' consternation, she had decided to notgo to university. 佢唔上大學嘅決定,令佢父母感覺到好震撼.4. calibrated你解啱咗,我唔加意見.Eg.The sniper calibrated hisgun-sight before shooting the target. 戶\狙擊手在發射前較準了瞄準儀.

    “how about” 同 “what about” 解做 “不如” 、“點呀” 、 “點呢”,兩者係互通嘅, 用起上嚟無分別. 可以用於建議或非建議性句子.Eg. Howabout going to see a movietonight? What about going to see a movietonight?不如今晚去睇戲啦?Eg.“Have you finished cleaningyour room? How about yourhomework?” / “Have you finished cleaning your room? What about your homework?”你執完你間房未?你d功課點呀? “whose”中文係 “邊個嘅” 、 “某人嘅”Eg.Whose books are these? 呢d書係邊個嘅Eg.Whose house is that? 果間屋係邊個嘅EG.John is the poorboy whose mother died lastweek. John就係上星期死咗媽媽嘅可憐孩子. “whom”中文係 “果個”Eg. Thisis Mr. Wong. I met him in the garden last night. 呢位係王生. 我昨晚喺公園見過佢This is Mr. Wong whom I met in the garden last night. 呢位係我昨晚喺公園見過果個王生Eg. 醫生紙上面果句 “To Whom It May Concern” 致給有關果個人 / 致有關人仕

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    sorry, 手快快打錯字. "...she had decided to notgo to university" 應為 "... she had decided not to go to university"

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    以下句子既glimmeringly同 consternation係咩解釋? (以下句子來自一本英文故事書)

    he began to think glimmeringly about his abnormal son who was now in jail.

    Sceaming and barking cries of consternation came from the television set.

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    glimmeringly 亦可用於比喻, 喻其輕、小的光, 同 faintly 互通

    eg. a glimmering ray of hope 一線曙光 (希望)

    eg. hope glimmered in his face

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    consternation 在此解作 anxiety, bewilderment, alarm, 同我俾你嘅解釋無分別.

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    he began to think glimmeringly about his abnormal son who was now in jail. 佢輕輕地想起佢果個坐緊監嘅不正常嘅仔.

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    1. He shifts the cup glimmeringly to the left (Not really sure if you spelled glimmeringly correctly)

    2. Microwave oven is a transmitter which transmits microwave to heat up food

    3. To our consternation, the man was running toward us with a knife

    4. The astronaut calibrated the path of the spacecraft

    We use how about to give suggestion if the subject is a situation. For example swimming, play basketball etc. E.g. How about swimming?

    We use what about to give suggestion if the subject is an object. E.g. What about using a sharper knife?

    We use whom when it is related to a person: She is the girl whom I met in the restaurant the previous day

    We use whose when it is related to an object which belongs to a person: Whose pen is this?

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