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Freaky Friday film review(急)

星期一交,我自己作左份film review,但係作得唔係幾好,大家幫我改下佢,感謝!

I would like to introduce a film, it wascalled Freaky Friday. It is a Drama film .There is a few reasons why I like this film. Firstly,the story of the film is very interesting. It is about. Anna is an averageteenager who constantly rebels against her stodgy mother Tess and annoyingyounger brother Harry. Sources of irritation a rock band. Her mother does notlike Anna to rock band, When the family eat out in a Chinese restaurant, Annaand Tess quickly start quarrel ,Anna wishes to participate her band in a bandaudition, however held is the same night Tess wedding rehearsal. Hearing theargument, an elderly Chinese woman offers Anna and Tess the fortune cookies,Can solve their problems. They eat a fortune cookie, the next day reversed their identities,from understanding each other, understand each other's difficulties. Finallyonce again reversed their identities, from the fight to reduce.聆聽 Secondly, the actresses and actors are very attractive. The leadingactor is Lindsay Lohan she acts as the Anna. The leading actress is Jamie Lee Curtis and she is Tess. Finally, there are many special effects in the filmsuch as afterthey ate the fortune cookie, when theearthquake.

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    I would like to introduce a film . Its name is Freaky Friday which is a drama film . I love the film because of the following reasons .

    First of all , the story of the film is very interesting and gorgeous . The film is about a typical youngster , Anna , who constantly rebels against her stubborn mother Tess . And she also dislikes her annoying younger brother Harry extremely . Anna's mother does not want her to join the underground band although it is a dream of Anna . One day , the family has a dinner in a Chinese restaurant . Anna and Tess quickly start quarrelling since Anna wishes to participate in an audition with her band . However , the audition and the wedding rehearsal of her mother Tess will be held on the same day . Hearing their argument , an elderly Chinese woman from the restaurant offers two fortune cookies for Anna and Tess and promises them the cookie could help . The next day , they reverse their identities after eating the fortune cookies . From then on , they start understanding each other and their difficulties mutually . Their special experience begins ...

    Besides , the characters in the film are very attractive . The main character is Lindsay Lohan who acts as the daughter Anna . The another main character is Jamie Lee Curtis who acts as the mother Tess . Both of them show us incredible performances .

    Finally , there are many special effects in the film . For example , there is an earthquake to show the audience that Anna and Tess are exchanging their souls but no one knows except the persons concerned . And I like the sound effects so much as they are euphonious !


    唯有根據我的記憶和你的 review 盡我能力

    改掉一些怪怪的句子和 grammatical mistakes

    另外再加上一些 useful vocab