msn入唔到 無得del 裝唔番 help 20點

我msn入唔到錯誤碼80070005 想del又無window live程式集e舊野 裝番又話己經裝左 點算HELP....請詳細列明解決方法 我用msn9.0的



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  • 10 年前

    8070005 is a catch-all error code for any number of database / DCOM connection problems. This is a common VBScript, WScript, or IIS error mesage.

    This is often caused because you are not an Administrator, or do not have administrator priveleges. A well phrased problem is half of the cure, and in this case just make sure tht your account has the 'top dog' administrator priveleges, and is using them.

    Once you have logged off an logged on again (as Admin) just re-apply the Windows Update or hotfix. Incidentally, insufficient rights or priveleges is a common thread of other types of Access Denied problems in general, and code 80070005 in particular.

    Local Security Policies

    1. Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy

    2. Navigate to Security\Local Policies\Security Options

    a. Network Access: Let everyone permissions apply to anonymous users - Set to Enabled

    c. DCOM: Machine Access Restrictions - Add Anonymous, Everyone, Interactive, Network, System with full rights options set.

    d. Network Access: Let everyone permissions apply to anonymous users - Set to Enabled

    e. Network Access: Sharing security model for local accounts - Set to Classic

    The "Sharing Security model" is the real offending item I believe, and setting the above should fix the problem. If not then I went as far as setting the following in DCOMCNFG.

    A useful online troubleshooting method is posted here:

    Please download it, open and follow the steps to tackle the problem.

    Hope I can help you.

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  • 10 年前

    我的電腦→(C:)→Programs Files→window live→成個 file del