Grammer problem(passive voice)

e.g.1) The jewellery shown in the exhibition is priceless.

e.g.2) Please put the answers on the lines provided.

Q1: 到底shown 同provided 為什麼要轉成PP呢?是passive嗎?可是是passive的話不是要加be(is,am,are etc.)嗎?


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  • 10 年前

    1) The jewellery shown in the exhibition is priceless.

    2) Please put the answers on the lines provided. 1) ‘shown in the exhibition’ is participial adjective phrase (形容詞短語), describing ‘jewellery’. 2) ‘provided’ is a participial adjective describing ‘lines’. Although they have passive connotations (意義 ), they are not called ‘passive voice’ because they are behaving like adjectives (形容詞 ), NOT verbs . 所以不需要 加 verb to be (is, am, are etc. ) In English this happens frequently because it cuts down unnecessary words. The jewellery which is being shown in the exhibition is priceless. = The jewellery shown in the exhibition is priceless. Please put the answers on the lines which are provided. = Please put the answers on the lines provided. The short form is more concise, and so it’s preferred, especially in conversation.

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    ed_young: Radioman這個流氓, 只懂得以"You son of a bitch. Dame you" 出言侮辱, 以及人身攻擊回答者, 此等行為, 既沒有教養又自大無能. 與其爭辯,於事無補!

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    首先要明瞭所有past participle 的語態是附有[被動]條件,及作object complement是附有[已經完成]的條件.

    2011-05-09 21:35:05 補充:

    shown in the exhibition = (shown="被"展示....在展覽館內.) 去形容那珠寶.

    on the lines provided. = (provided="被"提供咗) 的 線條上.

    上述的珠寶及線條像嬰兒,事事都要靠人.不會主動,除了哭和vivi .

    2011-05-10 12:45:58 補充:

    Radioman :

    I am interested in playing soccer.

    ......"interested" [ 形容詞 ] 作object complement.有[ 已經完成 ]的意思. 已經有興趣咗好久好久.不是現在才開始. adj與被動/主動無關,不可雙題並論.


    2011-05-11 23:01:00 補充:

    Radioman :

    Please put the answers..........祈使主句.

    on the lines provided (是 pp with "passive voice" as adj)=被提供 by someone.

    整句是一prep. phrase. 修飾句前的祈使句.

    無謂再爭論pp/ passive voice.......pp在分詞內是懹有passive及perfect之功能.


    2011-05-11 23:05:54 補充:

    " 請把答案置在那 [ 已經被提供的 ] 線條上."

    2011-05-12 15:33:53 補充:

    在正式句子裡的[ 被動式=passive voice ] ,一定是 be + pp. form .

    在短語phrase的句子裡,不容正式 [verb]在內 ,就用PARTICIPLE:

    as VERB, ADJ, ADV.

    present pasticiple : ACTIVE= V~ing. PASSIVE= Being + PP.

    ....past participle : ACTIVE= NONE. PASSIVE= P.P. (only).


  • ?
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    10 年前

    The two sentences are grammatically correct. The participial phrases "shown in the exhibition" and " the answers on the lines provided" have "passive meanings". I agree with pepe ry on this point.

    2011-05-08 15:58:32 補充:

    The first sentence can be rewritten as follows :

    (1) Shown in the exhibition, the jewellery is priceless. (It is not a concise sentence.)

    (2) The jewellery on exhibition(展覽中的珠寶) is priceless.

    2011-05-08 16:09:03 補充:

    The second sentence can be written as "Please put the answers on the lines provided" or "Please put the answers on the provided lines". In these two sentences , the participial phrase does not change its meaning.

    2011-05-08 20:27:39 補充:

    The jewellery on exhibition is priceless. Is it a concise sentence?

    2011-05-10 11:28:28 補充:

    Radioman, you are arrogant. The sentence "The jewellery on exhibition is priceless" is not grammatically correct. I couldn't agree less.

    2011-05-12 18:02:39 補充:

    Radioman(also called Funker/Iero):

    For the use of "on exhibition", look it up in the dictionary! Take a look at your sentences with tons of mistakes:

    (1) qid=7011042801695

    ... there's no trace of the said debit note was sent.

    2011-05-12 18:05:33 補充:

    (2) qid=7011042601705

    Your salary record in May will reflect the two month salaries, which are April and May, due to the Human Resources Department turned in your personal record late before our cut-off date.

    2011-05-12 18:06:51 補充:

    (3) qid=7011042301077

    Tom suggested Mary to go to Unviversity.

    2011-05-12 18:11:27 補充:

    (4) qid=7011042401153

    Living in Japan, people are suffering from the nuclear contamination.(Living in Japan is an example of a noun phrase.) In this sentence, "Living in Japan" is not a noun phrase. Don't mislead others!

    2011-05-12 18:17:32 補充:

    sik-hung, 您死心吧,這是花崗岩石的腦袋!

    2011-05-13 20:44:34 補充:

    Radioman, you are now on sale here! "The jewellery on exhibition" means "The jewellery is now on display". (CORRECT!)

    2011-05-13 20:49:23 補充:

    Radioman is nothing but a stuffed shirt. He is so arrogant that he thinks he is better than everyone else. Therefor, he often belittles others' answers. From now on, this guy from another world will add magic to Yahoo Knowledge+.

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  • 10 年前

    I agree with pepe re. For conciseness, the use of a PP adjective phrase instead of a clause (with a verb in the passive voice) is very common. Eg. (1) adj.: A broken bottle can be a very dangerous weapon. (2) Verb in passive voice: A bottle which is broken can be a very dangerous weapon.

    2011-05-09 12:01:31 補充:

    I won't get into any argument about grammar with Radioman because it's not worth my time. However, whenever I see him making an incorrect statement, I will provide my opinion or response, to allow a comparison.

    2011-05-13 14:20:28 補充:

    I actually feel sorry for Radioman. He has created this illusion that he is already an English language expert, thus preventing himself to see and correct his mistakes. Every time he thinks he has won an argument, he actually has deepened his deficiency.

    2011-05-16 01:28:17 補充:

    Radioman, you didn't actually say you were an English expert, but you said: "let me teach you an English lesson today", "are you challenging my English ?", "Do you know who I am ?" etc.

    2011-05-19 09:08:12 補充:


    You are right. He is not worth our time.