hong kong jockey club question

what are the opportunities & competitive advantage of hong kong jockey club?

THX , please help me, it is difficult. please!!

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    Betting and the lawThe HKJC has a legal monopoly over betting on horse racing and football. In 1974, it opened 6 off-course branches where the members of the public could wager on horse race meets at the club's Happy Valley racecourse. There are now in excess of 100 betting branches throughout the territory which accepts bets on racing and on soccer and buy Mark Six lottery tickets.The HKJC was instrumental in persuading the Hong Kong government to pass the Gambling (Amendment) Bill 2002 to combat unauthorized cross-border gambling and the related promotional activities in Hong Kong, making it a criminal offence for any person in Hong Kong to bet with an unauthorized bookmaker, even when the bets are received outside Hong Kong. The offence applies to all visitors as well as to residents of Hong Kong.It was also instrumental in persuading other members of the Asian Racing Federation to sign the Good Neighbour Policy on 1 September 2003. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong_Jockey_Club

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