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disppointed about my result

I got bad result this term exam. :(

I feel disppointed and unhappy. I keep high marks for many years.

I can't except it.

What should I do?


我未試過咁低分, 名次都跌左好多.



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    In order to improve your result, you'll need to find out what caused the low score in your previous term-test. If possible, ask a teacher or a tutor to go through the test paper with you, otherwise try to find out the area of the test which you did particularly poorly. For example, was it volcabulary, tense, preposition, or just carelessness ? Once you know the problem, then you can work on the solution.

    Pepe Poirot has already pointed out improvements that you can make to the English used in your posted question, I agree with all her suggestions, and would like to add some explanation.

    (1) I got bad result this term exam.

    Your are right in using simple past tense ("got") to describe a past event, but you need a "preposition" to link the "bad result" to where it happened (the term's exam). While "term exam" can be used as a compound noun, it is more clear to use "this term's exam" or " this term-exam".

    I feel disppointed and unhappy.

    This sentence is correct, but changing it to present continuous tense emphasizes your feeling as you were writing the message. Some people may like to say "I am dispponted and unhappy", which is also grammatically correct, but then it will be a little awkward to use the continuous tense "I am being disappointed and unhappy".

    I keep high marks for many years.

    The present perfect tense "have kept" should be used to relate to "for many years".

    I can't except it.

    "accept" is the correct word. You either need to improve your volcabulary, or to deal with carelessness.

    What should I do? This sentence is correct.

    You would notice that Pepe Poirot did not try to rewrite the sentences for you at his/her level of English, but according to yours, so you could learn from the examples more easily. In your future questions, it may be useful to indicate which year you are attending.

    Good Luck with your learning.

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  • 9 年前

    I got a bad result from this term's exam. :(

    I am feeling disppointed and unhappy. I have been getting high marks for many years.

    I can't accept it.

    What should I do?

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