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    Do not mind first if I answered in English.

    The major advantages of further studies are:

    1) To survive in the society which emphasizes knowledge acquisition. Without adequate knowledge as foundation, the persons cannot fit most job natures and would be unemployed for long time without earning. This affects not only the social welfare burdens but also the self-esteem of those unemployed. It can create other unexpected moral education crisis.

    2) To have more opportunities for living status improvement. In general, higher educated background ensures better career prospect without higher salary which in turn can improve the living standard. When Hong Kong Government lacks autonomy, we need to rely ourselves instead of our officials.

    3) To expose more to local and international societies, systems and cultures which can brainstorm ourselves for more critical minded, more sensitive to surrounding matters and better adaptation to changes.

    The disadvantages include:

    1) The students become slaves of studies which make the lost of originality in studies. They just know study can change the life, but the nature and real purpose of study was absented in consideration. The focus has been totally shifted to money-minded.

    2) Creation of wrong ideology that lower academic achievers are all losers in the societies, without considering their special talent or capabilities that the academic minded persons unable to achieve. This is another strange social phenomenon generated from high desire of education.

    Hope I can help you.

    資料來源: Mathematics Teacher Mr. Ip
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