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Man 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 9 年前


各位兄台,以下有些工程上的字眼, 不知是否這樣翻譯, 還是有其它專業的名詞? 請幫忙, 謝謝

檢驗現象 Inspection & observation表面無臟污 No spot on surfacePCB無鬆動, 無傾斜 PCB no loose, no lean顏色一致 consistent colour無黑白點, No Black or White spot,無黑白團, No Black or White group,無色差 No colour difference電流電壓符圖 Current Voltage fulfill drawing送檢人

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  • 匿名
    9 年前

    檢驗現象 – Examine the phenomenon.表面無臟污 There is no dirt spots on the surface.PCB無鬆動, 無傾斜 The PCB shows no signs of loosening and slanting.顏色一致 The colors are unanimous.無黑白點, No Black or White spots.無黑白團, No Black or White masses.無色差 No color discrepancies.電流電壓符圖 Attached diagrams of the electric current and electric voltage.送檢人 – The person who is in charge of sending the goods for evaluation.

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  • 9 年前

    檢驗現象 Test phenomenon

    表面無臟污 No dirt surface

    PCB無鬆動 PCB not loose

    顏色一致 Same color

    無黑白點 No black and white point

    無黑白團 No black and white groups

    無色差 No color

    電流電壓符圖 Current-voltage character map

    送檢人 Submission were

    資料來源: google翻譯
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