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LL 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

何時用for your.............

請問何時用"for your perusal", "for your attention", "for your retention"?

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  • 1 十年前

    Perusal of something such as a letter, article, document, is the action of reading it carefully with intention to remember.

    “for your perusal” means for you to look through or over/examine the contents of. You read a piece of written work with a view to checking the detail contained in it. You would carry out such a process before signing a contract, for example. It is also a very formal way of asking if someone has any objections with what you have written.

    Attention is the act of listening to, looking at or thinking about something/somebody carefully.

    You end a formal letter with “Thank you for your attention”. You thank someone for reading your letter and thinking about it. They may notice it. Maybe your requests or complaints are being dealt with or cared for.

    Retention is the act of keeping something or the ability to remember thing.

    for your retention = for you to keep.

    e.g. This is a video for your retention.

    It may mean something differently. You have to look at the whole sentence.

    資料來源: Oxford English Dictionary
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    1 十年前

    for your perusal - 叫對方細閱並提出意見或決定。一般是向上司的請示。

    for your attention - 叫對方留意並注意跟本身工作的關係。一般是對同事提點或寫公司通告。

    for your retention - 叫對方留存這份資料。一般沒有特別的要求需要執行才用,「留底」或「存檔」。


    for your action - 叫對方按指示執行。一般是上司或同事要求對方依從進行工作。

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    4 年前

    For Your Retention

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