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When 0.27g of aluminium is added to excess copper(II) sulphate solution,0.96g of copper is precipitated. deduce the equation for the reaction

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  • 10 年前

    interesting question.

    the equation should be something like

    aAl + bCuSO4 ------> (a/2)Al2(SO4)3 + bCu

    OR aAl + bCu(2+) ------> aAl(3+) + bCu

    now, find out the no. of mole of each metal.

    no. of mole of Cu = mass / molar mass = 0.96/63.5 = ... mole

    no. of mole of Al = 0.27/27.0 = ... mole

    then, you'll know the mole ratio of Al : Cu, which is equal to a/b .

    if you want to check your steps of calculations or answers, post it up.

    and others, PLEASE, do not directly post the answers.