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  • 9 年前

    Arguments are as follows:



    1) The young generations born in 90s and this century are proven to be much weaker in English foundation for their seldom exposure.

    2) Their international exposure reduces due to their weaker ability to communicate using English.

    3) They found difficulty to connect to university studies from secondary school stage when the language is changed from Chinese to English which they cannot adopt or their ability is below the requirements.

    4) Each subject needs frequent practice before improvement, and the language standard declination is due to the fewer chance of interaction with English.



    1) The language policy can help students who are weak in English to learn other subjects more easier, with more satisfaction and better results. This in turn increases their self confidence in learning, including English subject.

    2) There is no obvious scientific evidence to argue language policy is the sole reason. In fact the exposure to Internet environment is also a highly possible reason for the use of language there has no limit and any random use is acceptable.

    3) Many CMI schools offer supplementary lessons after school to make sure students there have regular interaction using English. Its impact is exaggerated.

    4) Few people discuss the normal living environment of the young generations, like the family life and TV. If they have regular use of English with the families and regularly watch the English channels, there is no reason why their level declines.

    Hope I can help you.

    資料來源: Mathematics Teacher Mr. Ip
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