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UPON 有什麼用法?

請詳細以`POINT FORM 指出 加以例子證明 唔該晒大家

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    UPON 有什麼用法?

    1. 在...上

    on or onto something Shadows were flickering upon the studio floor.He believes we were put upon this earth for a purpose.2. 關於 used after some verbs with the same meaning as 'on' A police patrol happened upon a robbery in a bank yesterday.They draw upon their experience to educate and guide new companies.My whole future depended upon the decision of this one manager. 3. 接著

    immediately after doing something or after something happens Barry had joined the army immediately upon leaving school.Upon his release, Davis went immediately to his mother’s.4. 接近 if an event or time is upon you, it is going to happen very soon Christmas is almost upon us again.5. 加強語氣 used between two nouns that are the same for emphasizing that there is a large number of the thing that you are mentioning I’ve written to you, year upon year, and never heard from you.We drove across mile upon mile of wide-open space.

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