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這首詩要aabba or abab

要有alliteration and parallelism


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  • 1 十年前

    That year no longer comes back which in the spring breeze,

    in the deadwood no longer blue strip that one day,

    the sky again did not have the illumination at that time,

    the black misty monster atmosphere was only filling the air

    the sun, the moon, the star light had died the space.

    Overthrows that one day in all standards,

    in all value evalution at that time,

    exposed in the prestige which finally placed on trial

    all false and the vanity and void:

    The naked souls crawl in main nearby ── me love, your I again did not need to be scared at that time,

    did not have the sound to sue, distinguishes the injustice, again did not need to hide,

    your my heart, looked like snow white two flower stalk,

    in loved on the blue stem excellent, delighted, fresh beautiful ── in main nearby, the love was the only honor.