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  • 1 十年前

    I am faimilar with NBA games and let me analyze for you the situation as follows:

    Today is 4/3 and Houston is ranked 11 out of 15 teams in the Western Conference, with 31 wins, 32 lost and winning 49.2%. Actually such percentages for the teams ranked 6th to 11th are very close, within 9%.

    In my opinion, Rockets has still the chance to enter Final 8 of Western Conference .

    Among the 6th to 10th teams now, New Orleans Hornets and Utah Jazz are in low states recently, with the past 10 games 3W7L and 2W8L resp. If they continue to drop, they would be even fall behind Rockets after 82 games. They are not optimistic. For Denver Nuggets, the large roster changes has hampered the stability and I will not feel surprise if it loses 7 out of 10 games in coming 2 weeks.

    2) Rocket's recent 10 games are 6W4L. That is acceptable. Its slight changes of roster before trade deadline seems no obvious impact on its performance, no matter the changes are gambles. I can explain herewith.

    The removal of Aaron Brooks has left Kyle Lowry as the starting PG. Brooks is better in his explosiveness and speed, but he has loyality problem this year and this removal may like Deron Williams. It is fine if he's removed in exchange of Goran Dragic from Suns, who is a taller and a better shooter.

    Someone argue the removal of S. Battier for H. Thabeet and DeMarre Carroll is a loss. That depends. S. Battier is an excellent defender but his offense is very limited. I am not saying the two from Grizzlies can contribute at once, but the size and height of Thabeet can really provide what Rockets in need: A true centre after the season-ended injury of Yao Ming. He is the No. 2 pick in 2009, and probably we can give him time to show how he works. Carroll has some sparks last season and we can continue to explore his potential.

    As a conclusion, its chance is optimistic. But its road will be harsh as if it would be the 8th seed, it will encounter Spurs immediately. Is the chance of breakthrough high?

    Hope I can help you.

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