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Debating Organisation/Society

Is there any debating classes/organisation which offers teaching on ENGLISH debating in regular basis? (e.g. once a week). I am a secondary student.

Thank you.

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  • 9 年前

    Yes, the international debate educate association (IDEA).

    The website:

    Becoming a supporting member of IDEA provides you with valuable resources, and also helps IDEA to continue to provide services to the global debate community.IDEA offers two types of membership - individual membership and organizational membership.

    To join IDEA you must create a DebateTracker login. Lifetime Individual Supporting Membership - 10 Euro or $15 USD Pay once and become a lifetime member of IDEA!Who you are:

    debater, teacher, coach, judge or other active individualWhat you get:•IDEA Membership Passport•Discounts on selected IDEA events•One complimentary issue of IDEBATE magazine (the quarterly magazine of IDEA)Online Application


    Organizational Supporting Membership - 75 EURO or $90 USD Per Year Who you are:

    a high school, university or other organization (officially recognized or not) that participates in or is just interested in debate.What you get:•A free subscription to either IDEBATE or Controversia (IDEA's academic journal of Debate and Democratic Renewal, which comes out twice a year)•Use of IDEA's members logo and ability to advertise your membership in IDEAOnline Application

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