EPS and ordinaryshare dividend

what s the relation between them? EPS and ordinaryshare dividend

ordinary share dividend is the total earning per share??

if not, what then?

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  • 10 年前

    Earning per share is the amount of profit/earning divided by the no. of shares. Ordinary Share Dividend is the amount of money paid out from the current year's earning and the reserves.

    For example, if the current profit earned by the company is $100 and there are 100 ordinary shares. The earning per share ( EPS ) is then $100/100 = $1 per share. If the company is going to pay out $60 as dividend to the shareholders, then the dividend per share is then $0.6. After the deduction of the dividend, the retained profit $100 - $60 = $40 ia then grouped under the heading Reserves in the Statement of Financial Position ( Balance Sheet ).