F3 chem.!(Not homework)

How to draw the ionic bond formed by Calcium(2,8,8,2) and Chlorine(2,8,7)?

What is the chemical formula?


How to draw the ionic bond formed by Lithium (2,1)and sulphur(2,8,5)?

What is the chemical formula?



You can also teach me how to draw instead of uploading photos.

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  • 10 年前

    In Ca, there is 2 outmost-shell electrons

    In Cl, there is 1 outmost-shell electron

    Ca loses 2 electrons and 2 Cl receive 2 electrons from Ca.

    So chemical formula: CaCl2

    2011-02-19 17:49:19 補充:

    why form 3 have to be taught ionic bonding...

    it is supposed to learn in form 4 chem...

  • How to find the chemical formula?

    2011-02-19 19:37:46 補充:

    Thank you for 知識就是力量!

    Just like Biology,almost school is taught Digestion in Form4,but I learnt it this year.Maybe my school is strange!

  • 10 年前

    It is lithium sulphide, not 'lithium sulphur'

    2011-02-19 14:00:22 補充:

    001 is wrong. Sulphur only requirs two electrons for attending the octet structure. It should carry a 2- charge.

  • 10 年前

    ionic bond:[Ca]2+ 2[Cl]- 電荷寫上面

    chemical formula:CaCl2

    ionic bond:3[Li]+ [S]3-

    chemical formula:Li3S