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    1) adapted from the world famous writer Christian theology of C.S Lewis works III of the Narnia Movie, story structure with Christian belief as the core, through adventure-style probe into the story to the audience about the confidence, prevailed, reconciliation, redemption, as well as topics such as the Kingdom of heaven.

    2) the entire Adventure trip which is not the most difficult of storms, sea snakes or bad guys, but they each desire for wealth, power and beauty. One of the Islands they pass, they encountered a spirit prophesied "to defeat the dark, you need to win your own inside the darkness.

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    1) Reorganizes from world-known Christian theology writer C.S the Lu Yishi work "Accepts the Niya Legend" the third volume of movie, the story construction believes take Christ as a core, through experiences dangers-like the plot to the audience introduced that the related confidence, triumphs the probe, the reconciliation, to redeem, down to subjects and so on heaven.

    2) Entire experiences dangers in the middle of the journey most difficult is not the strong winds very rough sea waves, the hydrus platurus linnaeus or the bastard, but is inside their each person regarding the wealth, the authority and the beautiful appearance desire. Passes through in them on islands, they met a demon to predict that said “must defeat that darkness, you must triumph first inside you darkness.

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