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Hello everybody! This questionnaire's results would be used in my statistical project (S2 Math project). Please answer all the following, thank you! *if you're not living in HK island, please don't finish the questionnaire!* Questionnaire on "which newspapers do people in HK island like to read" 1. Which district are you from?A. Wan ChaiB. EasternC. SouthernD. Central and Western District 2. What is your age?A. 12-17B. 18-22C. 23-59D. 60 or above 3. Do you have a habit of reading news? Yes/NoIf not, why? A. I don’t have time B. I simply don’t like it C. I am too busy D. My language level is too lowIf not, the questionnaire is finished.If yes, please finish the whole questionnaire. 4. How often do you read newspapers? (e.g. five times per week)________________________5. Do you usually read news from the Internet or from newspapers?Internet/ Newspapers 6. Do you enjoy reading in English or in Chinese?English/ ChineseIf your answer is English, go on to the 7th question.If your answer is Chinese, go on to the 8th question. 7. Which newspaper do you like to read most?(English)A. SCMP (南華早報)B. The StandardC. The Sunday Examiner (英文版公教報)D. Wall Street Journal Asia (HK edition)

E. China Daily (HK edition)

F. Financial TimesG. Others, Please specify: ______________8. Which publishers newspapers do you like most?(Chinese)A. 蘋果日報B. 東方日報C. 明報D.星島日報E..太陽報F.頭條日報G. Others Please specify: ____________________9. Which news topics are you interested in most?A. Local news港聞 B. Financial財經 C. International國際 D. 馬經E. Entertainment娱樂 Thank you for your time!Answer format (sheet): *just delete other answers*1. A B C D2. A B C D3. Yes / NoIf not, why? (fill in multiple choice)4. 5. Internet/ Newspapers6. English/ Chinese7. A B C D E F G_______8. A B C D E F G_______9. A B C D E

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  • 9 年前

    My Answers :

    1. A

    2. A

    3. Yes

    4. three times per week

    5. Internet

    6. English

    7. A

    9. A

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