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(1).Figure(a) showsa piece of paper in the shape of a trapezium. It is cut into several pieces and the pieces obtained should completely cver the notice board in Figure(b).Suggest a possible way to cut the people.


(2) In the figure,△ABC lies inside rectangle PQRS. Find a point D inside PQRS such that the area of △ABC is equal th the area of △abc. Explain briefly.


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    My candid comments as follows:

    1) Area of trapezium = 1.5 m^2 = Area of the square.

    Hence, the trapezium can just cover the square.

    You can cut the trapezium into several pieces with dimensions

    Piece I: A rectangle 1 m x 0.75 m ( its central part ), and it is put on L.H.S of the square.

    Piece II: The L.H.S. triangle ( 0.5 m base and 0.75 m height ) which is put on top R.H. corner of the square.

    Piece III and IV: Cut the R.H.S of the trapezium into parts to fill in the spaces left in the bottom R.H. corner of the square.

    2) It has no solution because

    Reason I: You have not defined "a", "b" or "c".

    Reason II: Your D and 4 vertices P, Q, R, S are all unused.

    Sounds to me the problem was wrongly edited.

    Hope I can help you.

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