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一時就睇唔到 黑畫面 中間有句 an error ocurred

同埋要load好耐 以前都唔洗load



都係唔得 關閉防火牆都無用

我試過ie同firefox 都無問題,但我想chrome都睇到youtube

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  • 9 年前

    It is normal.

    Chrome is another browser engine designed by Google.

    I am now also using Chrome to answer your question.

    My experience is Chrome cannot load something that even an I.E. version 6.0 or above can open. But you cannot compare to I.E.

    As I mentioned, they are different engines. The components of Chrome, I.E. and Firefox are all different. Hence, it is not a surprise if one browser can access particular websites while the others cannot.

    I also cannot use Chrome to watch online videos but the others can.

    Chrome's design is catered to browse Google related websites and its selling point is less use of RAMs compared to I.E. 8.0 before. It has no obvious advantages besides these.

    You see, Chrome does not enable us to select a place to install, and it is not installed in "Program Files", but inside the directory of "Documents and Settings". How clever it is?

    It has nothing related to Firewall, anti-virus, etc. Only the websites have some scripts that Chrome cannot identify and cannot open, and thus an Error message pumped out.

    There is no alternative but you must use I.E. or Firefox to access.

    Hope I can help you.

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  • 如果Load好耐,可能係網路問題

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  • henry
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    9 年前




    hope i can help u

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  • 9 年前

    係咪未upgrade abode?定你冇裝?

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