Harry Potter 700字 book report

我要做一份english book report要not less than700字...

要係關於Harry Potter既,

最好係第7集Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

第5/6集都ok咖~(Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix/Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince)

book report內容要有:

1.Summary of The book

2.Which character do you like most?why?

3.Which part of the story do you like most?

4.Do you like the ending of the book?Do you find it reasonable?Explain.

5.Will you recommend this book to others?Why?

6.Overall comment

要not less than700 words)

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  • 10 年前


    Title of book: Harry Potter & The Philosopher Stone Summary In this book, there is an introduction of, Harry Potter and his relative Dursley, and his first year in Hogwarts, which is a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This book started at Dursley's family first. According to this book, we know that Dumbledore, who was the headmaster in Hogwart, sent him to Dursley's family. Harry wasn't really happy living with his aunt and uncle. He was discriminated against like an alien from the outer space. He was locked in the cupboard for most of the times. Sometimes he sobbed alone. But a beetle-eyed giant rescued him. He was a man named Hagrid, who enrolled in Hogwarts. He took Harry to Hogwart to learn, all because his parents used to be the perfect students who had graduated there. In the first year of his school life, he made two best friends who were Ron Weasley and Hermione. Ron was the sixth child of his family studying in Hodwart. He first met Harry in the train to Hogwart. Hermione is a hard-working student in the school, and she always came first in class. Suddenly they both heard about the news of the Philosopher stone from Hagrid. They were curious to find out the one who wanted to steal it despite the three-headed dog guarding at the trapdoor of it. But Hagrid said that someone knew how to pass through the trapdoor and the password to grab the stone. In order to protect Hodwart from the evil power, they decided to make an exciting adventure...... Opinion It was a popular English book in the previous year. Many children looked forward to the publication of this series of book, Harry Potter & The Philosopher Stone, Harry Potter & The Chamber of secrets, Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban.

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    Harry Potter Book Report

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    Do your own Harry Potter report!