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During the Chinese...作文

During the Chinese New Year Holiday,you and your friend,Harry went camping.The following pictures show what happed to you and Harry.Tell the story in about 160-180 words.


-nice scenery,set up atent,have a barbecue,stormy weather(lightning and thunder),awaken,water around,wade through the water


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    Harry, my friend and I went to camping during the holiday. We planned to go to a place near the sea. It has nice scenery around. Mountains are on the opposite side. We were hungary by the time we got to our destination, and then we started to set up the tent, which was a piece of cake. Me and Harry overestimated the ability of our stomaches. We had a barbecue and meats and snacks were left many at the end. We went to bed at one that night. In the next morning, we were awaken by thunder. There were water around and it was raining heavily. It was terrifying to wade through the water while the lightning were flashing in the sky. We finally reached home without any damage due to the decision we had taken nothing. The storm arrived unexpectedly, because the weather report on the day before said it would be sunny all week! Even though the experience was bad, we still want to go camping again.

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