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a unforgettable experience

a unforgettable experience

write about 200 words

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  • 貓童
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    10 年前

    An unforgettable experience:

    In a early morning, I went to school. Perhap it was too early that only several students were there. I used to enter into toilet first once I arrived at my school. However, I could not believe what I saw in the toilet that morning.

    I saw that a young man was raping a naked girl. I was so curious how mating occur. So, I had not make any noise but enjoyed to watch the whole process, just as it was a human biology lesson.

    The naked girl was a skinny pretty teen with pigtail. She cried all the time with painful facial expression. Therefore, I guessed she was a virgin. On the other hand, the young man threaten the girl with a knife in his hand and *****ed the girl very deep at the same time. It was really a long time sexual abuse with violation.

    After a long brutal *****, the young man turned his head and stared at me. I knew he discovered me at length. However, to my surprise, the young man was a person who I already knew. He was my teacher who had taught biology subject in my class, but now he was doing experiment in the toilet!

    After leaving the toilet, he warned me not to tell anyone what he has done. Furthermore, he guaranteed that I could get the highest mark in biology among my classmates. This was really an unforgettable experience indeed. (239 words)

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