My PC blacks out

After I have changed my motherboard and CPU of my PC, the screen blacks out after connected back everything. Power and HD LEDs seem OK but there is nothing on the LCD even after warm/cold booting.

N.B. my new MB uses on-board VGA while my old MB used a VGA card.


There is nothing on my monitor, so I cannot see anything and cannot reinstall windows.

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  • 10 年前

    Check your video cable connections (plugs) between your PC and monitor. Check power supply for monitor. If all OK, try this monitor with the same cable on another PC to make sure they are both working. If not, change cable. If it still fails, the monitor is dead. If all of the above is confirmed OK. Set up the monitor with your new MB and try again. Make sure you plug it into the video port of the MB. If this fails, take the tower (with new MB) back to the supplier for service because you've done everything to prove it. Don't forget your proof of purchase.

    2011-01-24 18:41:02 補充:

    Read the instruction manual, there might be a switch (jumper) or something on the MB to be set up before connecting to the monitor.

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