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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

Gladiator(qualities of ruler)

1What qualitities a good king/ruler of a country should possess.

2What qualities a powerful king/ruler should possess.

3Share your views on wherther the qualities fir being good ruler are the same as the quanlities for being a poerwful ruler.

4Then deceide as a group whether Commodus is a good or powerful ruler or both or neighter.Justify your views using evidence from the story.

2 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    First of all, this should be posted in the politics section, if there is one...

    Now, on to the questions.

    1. A truly great ruler of a country should be able to inspire people around him/her to do great for his/her country. He must also consider and balance the impacts of his/her policies on his/her fellow compatriots, and, as in modern times, on other countries.

    2. A powerful ruler has to be ruthless in claiming more power for himself/herself. He/She must maintain such power to prevent being usurped. With this objective, powerful rulers usually become corrupted and absorbed in seizing power for themselves.

    3. Being a good leader requires benevolence and acceptance of all opinions so as to make his/her nation a better place to live in. Being a powerful ruler, however, is independent of the ruler's willingness to make people's lives better. The main objective is to seize more power, power which will eventually corrupt himself/herself. The two are completely opposite pictures of how a person rules his/her country.

    4. Commodus is a powerful ruler, with the entire Roman army at his disposal. He craves more power for hiself to sustain his totalitarian rule. Unfortunately, as he suppresses the will of the people, he eventually perishes as power-hungry rulers do.

  • 1 十年前