Facebook Propic privacy

How can i change the privacy of my profile picture Album???

I've check in the Fb help centre, but it seems to be not suitable for the new Fb profile


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    1 十年前

    im not sure if your using english(US) in fb or not.

    If not then change it to Englsih(US) at the bottom of fb. thanks.

    -Go to Privacy Settings

    -Click Customize settings

    -at "Things I share" (1st section), you'll see "Edit album privacy for existing photos." (the very last one of the section). Click it.

    -Find profile picture

    -Change it to "custom" then a window will pop up.

    -change the -these people- to "only me"

    -Save setting

    then you're done! :D

    if you dont understand. and you want me to tell you again but a different fb. please pm me. thanks.

    資料來源: i've been using facebook for a long time.