absolutely desperate

I have been studying in the UK for almost 4 years and is now in year10 (form 4). Yet I really can't stand it and is desperate to come back to HK to study. (I almost cry every night even after those many years!!!)

I know this is ridiculous as it is such a good opportunity as well as my only chance (my parents won't let me go back to the UK again) but those many years have been the hardest time in my life so far! I always dream of the old times when I had many friends in HK, and these have all changed since I couldn't get into a good secondary school. (I was extremely lazy when I was young)

Therefore I have been starting my life here since form1 and even now I am still extremely lonely- no friends at all! (I even tried commit suicide- I know I am useless...) The only thing I have gained is that I now truly understand the importance of education after the big (to me) failure 4 years ago and fortunately, I came top last year at my school and is pretty confident about my academic skills. (I having been studying until midnight for many times. You can't imagine how hard and tiring it has been, but I don't mind. I just want to come back!!!)

However, I don't feel any sense of happy at allo, but serious homesick and sad! Although I am confident that I will be able to get at least 6A* in my GCSE here, I have decided come back to study in form 5 after this summer holiday! And I swear that I will try even harder if I can come back!

Sadly, I am not sure what I should do!

If I come back, shall I study at a normal school under 334, or do I stduy at an international school? Will they let me study at their schools? And although all my subjects are prettyy good, my Chinese and maths are not fine compared to the normal HK students. WhAT SHOULD i DO?

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  • 10 年前

    Your situation is noted.

    First of all, convince your parents to let your return since they do not understand your UK life. They may be pleased with your academic excellence but they do not aware your lonely, your peer relationship problem and the psychological pressure you are suffering there. It is essential to let them know as they are your closest family members in the world!

    Second, why not consult your school's social workers or guidance teachers for help? The interpersonal relationship crisis must due to some internal problems that you have not disclosed here, and you can tell sincerely to the professionals for suggestions and measures. You should not stay alone for years time. It is not healthy to both mental and psychological growth.

    Besides, I do not suggest you taking HKDSE here.

    Since you have been in UK for 4 years, you cannot adopt the current syllabus here. You must aware the content in UK are actually easier than that in HK, and your level may only be equivalent to a S.3 or a junior S.4 local student here. You would find it very hard to catch up the syllabus and progress here, and sincerely no aided / government school would let you apply in such a late stage ( 1 year remained before HKDSE comes ).

    Studying in a local international school and seek chances to apply overseas universities, or study AL here and then apply local universities through Non-Jupas would be the desired path I suggest you considering. It ensures you have no problem in matching the existing learning syllabus and more importantly, you can spare much more time with the families in lower cost. It is a Win-Win situation in my opinion. You can visit online different prestigious international schools ( like Yeo Chung ) for some info. before making decision.

    Your international exposure is an advantage when you apply local universities. Make sure you would emphasize it in each application form to stress your insight and your language proficiency.

    Hope I can help you in clarification.