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匿名 發問於 教育及參考書標準及測試 · 10 年前

2010 JUPAS大學面試同選科



但我聽講有個師姐佢CE 21分 但GRM無叫佢去面試

咁係咪低過21分既人先係叫去面試? 定係年年決定都唔同?

如果會考21分 中大英文教育會唔會叫去面試?


CE 21分 中文同英文都係LEVEL 5



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  • 10 年前

    I can use my experience to answer your questions, for I personally know some persons studying / graduated from Lang. Dept.

    1) Your Big sister may not get interview for probably several reasons:

    (a) Her relevant subject results do not meet the requirements, or were far behind a lot of applicants.

    (b) The competition in her application year was too keen that her application was not considered due to existence of many better applicants.

    (c) She may not put in Band A or B ( You have not mentioned )

    2) Every year the entry requirements of each dept. differs. An extreme case I saw was the following:

    A boy needs to change JUPAS ranking order after AL. He has 2C2D1E ( he was a Science student ). He opts for HKUST Comp for his result ( plus HKCEE ) was over the Median of intake, so he put in Band A and he trusted he could enter. Finally, he received no offer! No offer for all 25 choices! Is it crazy?

    You need to use the former 3 years at least as the reference. And if the no. of seats of the programme is small, the intake discrepancy would be even greater.

    3) You have Level 5 in both Languages and HKCEE 21 points. I am very confident you are qualified not only interview, but also enter this programme if you could maintain the growth in AL / AS. Interview in Education Dept. must be about your personality, your interest in teaching and your career development path. Think about the questions before and draft some positive answers to prepare.

    4) If you have both C in two Languages in AS, and then approx. 2D in AL, you should be able to enter CUHK Language. Of course, as I mentioned before, the competition each year is different. So my estimation is from experience which is reliable, but you cannot trust 100% for different situation may happen this year ( of course, you should hope it is the same so no risk! )

    Hope I can help you. Cheers!!

    資料來源: Mathematics Teacher Mr. Ip
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