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preposition 前置詞 點解?


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    preposition 前置詞 點解?

    preposition (前置詞)在 文法裡是一種介詞,其作用為建立受詞(多半是一個名詞片語)與句子中其他部分的關係,通常用來表示位置或時間。

    英語中介系詞最常用的作用就是關聯,它把名詞(或相當於名詞的成分)與其他詞聯繫起來,以表示前後詞語之間的關係。介系詞前面是與介系詞搭配的詞,可能是動詞、名詞或形容詞介詞,其賓語一般放在後面。賓語的形式主要是名詞,還有相當於名詞的代詞、數詞、動名詞及名詞性從句等。例如I'm looking forward to what you will say 其中to是介系詞,前面的forward是與介系詞搭配的詞,後面的what you will say則為介系詞的賓語。

    e.g."Out"is also used as a preposition. "Out"也被用作介系詞。

    介系詞可分為兩種類型:簡單介詞和複雜介詞。簡單介系詞:英語的大多數常用介系詞,如at、in、for、of、on、from、by等,都是簡單介詞,即由一個單詞構成的介詞。 複雜介系詞:由一個以上單詞構成的介系詞。複雜介系詞可分為兩個詞序列和三個詞序列。兩個詞序列的介系詞中,第一個詞是副詞、形容詞或連詞,第二個詞為簡單介詞,例如 according to、along with、as for等。三個詞序列的介系詞數量最多:其中主要又可以分為 in+名詞+of、in+名詞+with、by+名詞+of、on+名詞+of等四類。 介系詞與其後的賓語一起構成介系詞短語,有以下幾種功能:名詞短語中的後置修飾語。 狀語。 補足成分。補充前面動詞或形容詞的內容,此時介系詞和前面的動詞或形容詞關係比較緊密,不同動詞或形容詞後面可以接的介系詞也會不同。 介詞是虛詞的一種,本身沒有實在的意義,主要用在名詞、代詞前面,組成介詞結構,表示下面幾種意思︰表示時間︰例如: from、since、at、in 、on、within、till、untill...等。

    e.g.He planned to visit his grandma on coming sunday.

    e.g.I haven't heard from him since last year.


    e.g.There is a garden behind the house.

    e.g.We spread a carpet over the floor.


    The homework was assigned by the teacher.


    表示方式︰例如as for、in accordance with、in compliance with...等。

    e.g.In accordance with his father's wish he gave the money to the school.

    表示原因和目的︰例如 for; for the sake of; in order to; so as to do; in behalf of; in the cause of; on purpose...等。 表示對象和關係︰例如 about; for; towards; with; with regard to...等。

    e.g.With regard to his suggestions we shall discuss them fully.

    表示排除和除了...外︰例如except (for);in addition to...。

    e.g.In addition to French, he has to study Japanese.

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    姐係放係verb後noun前既一種英文用法, 多數跟verb用, 如wake "up", look "at", stand "by",

  • 10 年前

    Preposition means any member of a class of words found in many languages that are used before nouns, pronouns, or other substantives to form phrases functioning as modifiers of verbs, nouns, or adjectives, and that typically express a spatial, temporal, or other relationship.


    at ,in, from, on, for, with ......