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Brian 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 9 年前

Eng homework (my christmas )




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  • 9 年前

    Probably you may write your HW as follows:


    When talking about my christmas this year, I believe it is memorial and wonderful.

    I started my 12-days holiday on 22nd December. As my results in mid year examination has entered the Final 10 of this school term, my parents agreed to visit Kobe ( any place you like in Japan ) with me, as a holiday present.

    This is my first time for an overseas visit and I was thus very excited. The meal in the aerophane was tasteful and it was wonderul to see clouds via the windows! We departed from the airport at the evening and we immediately searched a local restaurant for a delicious Japanese meal. Finally we selected one noodle shop with crowded people, and I think its taste was the best I have eaten before!

    We arrived the hotel that we had made reservation before. This hotel was quite confortable in my opinion and the service was excellent. We have a good sleep that night.

    The weather in Kobe was so cold that in the coming days of our trip, we could find snowing everywhere which can never been seen in Hong Kong. We visited many different sites and purchased a lot of things as memorials. We also tried different types of Japanese food there. Some of them are very tasteful and can hardly be found in Hong Kong.

    We finally finished the holiday and returned Hong Kong at the night of 26th December. I spent the remaining days to complete the holiday assigments and to play with some friends then.

    I still remembered the taste of different food, the view of beautiful sites I has visited and the faces I had seen in Kobe. The memory can hardly be diminished. I tell myself to have even better results in the final examination, and I hope my parents can let me visiting Tokyo in the summer vacation!


    Hope it can help you. I try to write as simple as possible for I do not know your level of study.

    資料來源: Mathematics Teacher Mr. Ip
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    9 年前



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