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Tim 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 9 年前


TO 大大:


致客戶(部門) 本處想向你們報告入閘系統故障一事,自15/12故障至今,經供應商多翻檢查後,發現是機內中一件組件損壞所致,由於訂購資料需時,維修工作預計將3月份完成,如有進一步消息本處會盡快通知你(部門)。 Xxx管理處

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  • 9 年前

    To: Our Customers (Department)

    We would like to report to you aboutthe failure of the access system.

    Since the breakdown of the system on 15December 20xx, the system supplier has undertaken various examinations and hasfound out that a set of spare parts of the device concerned is damaged. As it takes time to order the replacement forthe damaged components, therefore we estimate that the repair work will finish inMarch.

    We will inform you (department) of anyfurther news soonest.

    Xxx Management Office

    2010-12-30 16:29:18 補充:

    1) ....on 15 December 20xx,....

    2) ...that the repair work will finish in March.

    3) .... of any further news soonest.

    2010-12-30 16:42:19 補充:


    4) 第一段: 'We would like to report to you about the failure of the access system.‘

    5)中段第二行: .......examinations and has found ..........

    6) 中段尾二行: .......order the replacement for the damaged ......


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  • 9 年前
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  • 9 年前

    TO significantly:In fact, below is to reply to a written by guests, because the turnstiles are bad for some time, so you want to reply to the guests, please go to help turn the focus of a release, 「introduction mean 」 thanks!!!!!

    Customer (sector)

    We want to assure you the report into the brake system fault, the fault since 15/12, the suppliers more turn check revealed that is built-in in a component damage, because of the ordering data takes time, maintenance work is expected to be completed in March, for further information we will notify you as soon as possible (sector).

    Xxx management service

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  • 9 年前

    To clients (departments)

    The Department would like to report to you regarding the gates system failure, since the 15/12 failure so far, more than turning check by the supplier, it was found that a component inside the damaged caused by the ordering information takes time, maintenance work is expected to March to complete, if further information the Department will notify you as soon as possible (sector).

    Xxx Management Office

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