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    I have two examples, they are in different format, because I don't know what format you want :( you can choose one!! :) Wish I can help you ^.^

    (1). Title: Shopaholic Abroad

    Author: Sophie Kinsella

    Publisher: Transworld Publishers

    This novel is centred on the main character Becky Bloomswood, who shops 'til she drops. Becky, as a finance adviser, ironically has hidden shopping problems which put her in great debts. Becky begins to realise it is ruining her life, both private and career-wise. She has finally resolved her debts by selling all of her clothings and accessories at an auction; and went abroad to work as a personal outfit adviser.

    Nowadays girls are extremely conscious of their looks, and sometimes they buy clothes only for the sake of buying, they hardly wear most of them. Some young women in England even live a life like a footballer's wife, who are unemployed, broke, and only think of being rich. They dress beautifully and go clubbing, waiting for a chance to find a rich guy among the drunks. This novel reminds us never to go over the budget for any hobbies, because by the end of the day, we will regret it!

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    or maybe this:

    (3.) http://hk.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qi...

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