she is gone away同she....

she is gone away同she had gone away有咩分別?



我係想打she's gone away先岩-_-

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  • 10 年前

    "She is gone away"

    This is a passive voice as the sentence has an auxiliary verb ( be/ get) plus a partciple of a transitive verb

    Is - anxiliary

    Gone - transitive verb

    "She is gone away" - should be written as "She is gone". And only used when a subject (eg. person) has unexpectedly disappeared, of her own accord or not. Therefore there's no use of the word "away".

    "She had gone away" - Past Perfect Tense - "She'd gone away" - same meaning, 'd = had / would

    Used when we are relating two events which happened in the past, and did not continue to the present. Therefore, "She had gone away" basically means she was gone, but not anymore in the present.

    Past Perfect Tense: had + past participle

    "She's gone away" - Present Perfect Tense - "She has gone away" - same meaning, 's = has / is

    Present Perfect Tense is used when the event still lasts to the present. Which means the event is still happenning, or still up-to-date-verified. "She's gone away" basically means she is still gone.

    Present Perfect Tense: have + past participle

    Example for Present Perfect Tense:

    I have read 10 books this week. (This week has not finished yet)

    Other uses for Present Perfect Tense are when:

    - often when time is not mentioned

    - often when time is recent

    - often used with for and since

    2010-12-29 11:37:27 補充:

    Elaboration: With that said, "She is gone" is correct in English Speaking Countries.

    But usually, whether it's of logical, grammatical reasons or of consensus,

    we don't use "she is gone away"

    2010-12-30 09:34:27 補充:

    But mostly used during formal conversations, as it implies an abrupt disappearance

    (from a point of view)

  • 10 年前

    The sentence ------ "she is gone away" is in passive voice.

    But, in fact, we do not write in this way because " go"

    is always in active voice.

    If it carries another meaning,then you should write like

    " has/had gone away".

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    10 年前

    she is gone away 完全唔啱grammer, 你係咪打錯咗?